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July 2020

During the Coronavirus lockdown, we have managed to adapt to the restrictions placed on funerals to provide smaller but still meaningful ceremonies.  We have also found that families we have worked with have generally adapted well and have sometimes even preferred the intimacy of only having immediate family members present, with the intention of holding a more inclusive get together at a later and safer time, also in the knowledge that their grief will be a little less raw.  The guidelines drawn up by the government in consultation with the two main funeral trade associations NAFD and SAIF, stated that in order to reduce contact, face to face meetings for the arrangement of funerals should be replaced by remote options such as phone calls, email, and skype.  This has actually worked a lot better than we would have expected, and we have been able to continue to be as present as each family needs us to be.  We therefore feel that it is safer to continue to operate in this way for the time being.  We are still dealing with COVID cases and we are present at many funerals so in the interest of the safety of our clients, this feels the right thing to do.  If, however you would prefer a face to face meeting with us, we can arrange this by appointment and we would ask that you restrict numbers to a maximum of two people to ensure that we can comply to social distancing rules.

The government updated the guidelines for funerals on 4th July, now allowing up to 30 persons to attend with all the social distancing rules applying, meaning mourners from different households have to remain two metres apart (this will soon be reduced to one metre).

Because there are still hundreds of people moving through a crematorium chapel in one day, (even more so now that restrictions have been eased) and that it’s almost impossible to clean effectively between each service, we have been offering funerals for the earlier time slots only, i.e. 9.00 am and 9.30 am.  Although this is less convenient, it is a lot safer as it ensures that you will be the first people of the day to sit on the seats after a more thorough clean of the evening before, therefore minimising the risks as much as possible.  If you are travelling to attend the funeral or have other concerns about the early time, please do speak to us and we will do everything we can to accommodate you with a later time slot.

Most crematoria are now allowing up to 30 mourners, however this is dependent on the space they have to allow social distancing – please refer to numbers below or their individual websites for more detailed updates.

All of the Crematoria below have webcasting facilities available which means that you can arrange for other friends and family members to watch the service remotely.  Fees differ from site to site between £45 – £65 and Medway is free of charge.


Vinters Park – 30 people


Charing – 29 people


Medway – 30 people


Garden of England (Bobbing) – 30 people

The Garden of England Crematorium

Thames View, Gravesend – 30 people

Thames View Crematorium and Cemetery

Barham – 23 people


Hawkinge – 30 people


Kent and Sussex – 30 people


Churches have also now reopened for funerals but each one is working at it’s own discretion for numbers of mourners and other restrictions, depending on the size of the Church and the individual Minister’s situation.  Please ask us and we will find this out for you on a case by case basis.  Please see the link below for detailed information on funerals in churches during COVID-19:

Please refer to the current government restrictions on funerals for more information:


If you have any questions about coronavirus/COVID-19 and funerals, or any advice or guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we are here to help 24/7.

by calling 01622 746688, 01233 650746 or by emailing

[email protected]

This blog documents all sorts of ideas to honour the person who has died during these impossible times, hopefully you will find something that resonates with you.  Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us by phone or email so that we can discuss options with you and help you find a way forward that works for you.

Please read our guest blog post on the Good Funeral Guide Website below on we can redefine how we actually say goodbye to our loved ones to help us cope with these difficult decisions: