Simple Funerals

These more simple options offer excellent ways of having a ceremony in a place that is personal to you, with the added benefit of being more affordable.

In most cases the cremation takes place unattended in the early morning,  enabling a later gathering or celebration of life event to be held at a special or more convenient place, without a coffin present.  You could choose a familiar pub or club, a country park, beach or picnic area, or even hold the event at home.  The possibilities are endless…  You can opt to include your loved one’s ashes in the ceremony or not, or alternatively you could hold a small service in our chapel with the coffin present, and the unattended cremation would follow afterwards.  We can organise this with you or help you to do this yourself – we are always here if you need any advice, please call us on 01622 746688 or 01233 650746.

Tailored for you

No coffin present

You can have a beautiful funeral service without a coffin present. An ashes urn or casket can replace the coffin as a focal point, thus opening up endless possibilities of where and when the service can be held. We work with good local venues and can help you organise this. Usually costs around the same price as a simple service at the crematorium.

No coffin present

from £1,895 + coffin + third party costs

Simple Morning Service

These days not everyone wants the full ceremony and decorum of a traditional funeral, which can also be very costly. We can offer an affordable and flexible alternative, which does not compromise on the quality of the service in any way. Simply by holding a funeral at an earlier time at certain Crematoria, we can save on cremation fees. This also enables us to arrive before the service and place the coffin in the chapel where it will be ready and waiting for the mourners to arrive. This price includes a simple veneer coffin and a religious minister or a celebrant to conduct a full service.

Simple Morning Service

£2,795 all inclusive

Direct Cremation

In recent years people’s attitudes towards funerals have began to change. Although most of us opt for a cremation when the time comes, the thought of a service on the crematorium conveyor belt doesn’t always suit everyone. This is why we are offering a completely new approach, whereby the cremation takes place before the service. This not only makes the funeral more affordable, but it also gives families more freedom and time to plan something truly personal. We would be very happy to advise you by discussing the many options available to help you hold a meaningful ceremony. Price includes all our fees, cremation fees and a simple veneer coffin.

Direct Cremation

£1,600 all inclusive

Small Service in Albany Chapel

This is perfect for families wanting a more intimate ceremony. The cremation then takes place the next day unattended. The chapel can be set up formally or informally and the coffin can be present or not. Price includes all our fees, cremation fees, a simple veneer coffin, and celebrant fees. Also much more affordable than a simple service at the crematorium and no time limit.

Small Service in Albany Chapel

£2,500 all inclusive

Vigil in Albany Chapel

Use of our chapel and lounge to have a family led or a simple vigil in our chapel.
Chapel set up informally.
Price includes our fees, cremation fees and a simple veneer coffin.

Vigil in Albany Chapel

£2,250 all inclusive

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