Prince Harry isn’t wrong

31st March 2017

Sometimes I’m asked why we blog and contribute to the discussion about death and dying, as though our real job is something else. At Albany, we have a mission to help improve the whole conversation about death and dying in the UK so that people are helped to make better choices which will help them in their grief. We do this because better conversations in our culture around this issue will not only more effectively support those who are going through it, but it will better prepare individuals for when their time arrives to experience grief.

We add our voice, of course, to a growing chorus of people who want more honesty about the subject so that we can grieve more healthily as a society and in doing so, live more fully. In this helpful article, Isy Suttie speaks about her admiration for Prince Harry’s honesty in speaking about his loss, because, in her words, ‘digesting someone’s disappearance is a continual process.’

As a further update, in this interview in the Telegraph, Prince Harry helpfully describes the consequences that not talking about his mother’s death had on his life and the helpful steps he has taken to move forward.


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