Tribute Heart & Pouch


They are designed to discreetly hold a tiny quantity of ashes, along with photos and other small mementos. If ashes are not required, the Heart provides a comforting and tactile photo & memento holder.

Hidden within the Heart are twin recesses. One holds a miniature glass phial, the other – or both – can store a lock of hair, piece of jewellery or other small keepsake items. Contents are protected beneath clear perspex screens with rubber seals and can be concealed by placing a photo or personalised plaque above. Where ashes are not required, the glass phial can be used to store a tiny quantity of a loved one’s favourite fragrance.

The innovative design slides open with a unique rotating action and has a discreet and secure magnetic “click” closure.

The Heart can be displayed on its own soft-textured black cushioned stand or protected inside the velvet drawstring pouch. Using the pouch it may be safely kept in a pocket or bag – wherever a comforting and constant reminder of a loved one is needed.

Each Heart comes in an attractive presentation box complete with soft display stand and velvet pouch and can be personalised.