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Our range of flowers are hand designed by two local ladies at a competitive price and a standard that is second-to-none. This is not a florist chain, but independent flower designers who offer a service which is personal and of a high quality and at a price better than you’ll find on the high street. You can either order what you would like from us, using the designs below as a starting point – or alternatively you can contact them directly for something truly bespoke.  You might prefer to do your own flowers, or order them from a florist known to you – just let us know.

If you have any questions, please do give us a call on 01622 746688.


Coryllus Calla Casket

A contemporary alternative to a coffin spray.

£180 Learn More

The Rainforest Casket

A show stopping tropical coffin spray.

£300 Learn More

Germini & Carnation Wreath Ring

Brightly coloured carnation wreath.

£85 Learn More

Red Rose & Alstroemeria Open Wreath

Red rose wreath.

£65 Learn More

Mixed Open Wreath

Mixed wreath.

£85 Learn More

Pink Elegance Heart

Pink 15 inch heart with roses.

£120 Learn More

Twilight Posy Arrangement

Posy Arrangement with roses.

£115 Learn More

Single Rose Tribute

A single rose tribute.

£8.50 Learn More

Ocean Song Heart

Beautiful Ocean Song roses.

£150 Learn More

Cushion with Layered Leaves

Can be made smaller.

£160 Learn More

Sunset Casket Bar

Beautiful bright colours - an alternative to the traditional coffin spray.

£200 Learn More

Stachy Leaves Heart

Velvety heart.

£110 Learn More

Rose & Moss Wooden Trug

Perfect as sympathy flowers. Includes trug.

£40 Learn More

Olive & Eucalyptus Cross

Rustic cross.

£150 Learn More

Coryllus Tulip Casket

A modern take on the coffin spray.

£160 Learn More

Foliage Based Cross

Foliage based cross design.

£50 Learn More

Peach Rose & Alstroemeria Open Wreath

Peach roses wreath.

£65 Learn More

Feather Boa Casket White

Feather boa design for a casket.

£270 Learn More

Sunset Urn

Includes hire of container.

£70 Learn More

White Anthurium Heart with Birch Edging

Modern heart tribute.

£95 Learn More

Tied Roses

Simple design.

£30 Learn More

Tied Orchid

Timeless tribute.

£35 Learn More

Longi Lily & Calla Casket

A very classic, understated design.

£200 Learn More

Exotic Casket Design

Exotic coffin spray with orchids.

£250 Learn More

Rose & Clematis Casket

Beautiful seasonal spray. Part of the Diversity range.

£230 Learn More

Anthurium & Oriental Lily Teardrop

Lily tribute

£95 Learn More

Ring of Roses

A simple, elegant rose wreath.

£65 Learn More

Avalanche Heart

White Avalanche roses with eucalyptus.

£160 Learn More

A Tropical Orange Casket

Simplicity Range.

£150 Learn More

Garden Casket with Garland

Particularly suited to natural coffins - includes garland that attaches to the coffin.

£280 Learn More

Letter Funeral Tribute – Yellow Spray

£40 per letter - with various colour options available.

£40 Learn More

Roses in a Basket

Perfect tribute.

£40 Learn More

Heart in a box – Spray Roses

Available in alternative colours depending on availability, width approximately 30cm.

£45 Learn More

A Red and Pink Rose Casket

Simplicity Range.

£150 Learn More

A Pastel Rose Casket (Simplicity Range)

Pastel Roses.

£150 Learn More

Feather Boa Casket Purple

Deep Purple Roses, Santini Chrysanthemum, Lisianthus and trailing Clematis and Ivy.

£270 Learn More

Yellow & Cream Single-Ended Spray

From £45 for an 18 inch single-ended spray

£45 Learn More

Orange & Blue Single-Ended Spray

From £45 for an 18 inch single-ended spray

£45 Learn More

White rose double ended spray

From £45 for an 18 inch spray.

£45 Learn More
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