In another article from the helpful and honest Guardian serial, Adam Golightly (pseudonym), describes the challenge it is to decide what to do with someone’s ashes after a cremation.

What I love about these articles is the way we are given insight into his unique journey, remembering, of course, that every person’s journey is very different. This is what is mysterious about grief: it’s easy to speak in general terms and clichés, as though they apply equally to everyone, but the truth is of course that not one journey is the same. There may be some similarity in the terrain to navigate, which is why community groups and self-help groups can really help, but your journey is your own.

We are deeply sensitive to the challenge the question of what to ‘do’ with the ashes holds and we will not rush or pressure a decision. We know there are options which some tell us they find helpful, such as scattering in a special place, or a beautiful memorial jewellery, but it may not be the right option for you. All we can promise is that we are here to listen and to help answer questions you may have to help you on your way to deciding what is right for you.